The Education and Advocacy taskforce of YEGTheComeUp works to increase the knowledge of and access to services and opportunities available to Black youth in Edmonton. This is achieved through various initiatives, one of which is our “Knowledge and Information Campaigns.”

Knowledge and Information Campaigns are written pieces on various topic areas that highlight lived experiences, challenges and achievements of African, Caribbean, and Black peoples in Edmonton. These campaigns help facilitate much-needed conversations within our community in hopes of encouraging individual and communal growth and action.

Check out some of our past campaigns here!

Who Can Make Knowledge Campaigns

  • Any Black youth in Edmonton – you do not have to be a member of TCU to get involved!

  • Must be between the ages of 15 and 30.

  • Must be interested in the empowerment of African, Caribbean, and Black peoples through knowledge sharing and collective action.

Submission deadlines

  • November 15th

  • February 15th

  • May 15th

  • August 15th

Submission Process

  • Introduce yourself to us! Send us an email: or DM us on social media @yegthecomeup letting us know you are interested in working on a knowledge campaign.

  • Send us a 250 word (max) pitch summarizing your topic and its relevance to the Black community in Edmonton. Be sure to also include any relevant calls-to-action.

  • The Education and Advocacy taskforce will review your pitch to ensure it aligns with the mission and goal of the project.

  • If selected, you will have 1 month to send in a completed and more robust version of your Knowledge Campaign. This must include:

    • 500 – 1000 words maximum (not including references/further readings)

    • Preferred mediums

      • Facebook

      • Twitter

      • TCU Blog

      • Reading Wednesday Series